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Our newest health and fitness facility is open!

Fantastic floor classes, flexible times, great teachers – and affordable prices.

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WellFit Studio brings you the latest in a broad range of classes and options for health wellness and fitness, using the latest and most advanced formulas to give you best possible results. With brand new programs designed by experts our exciting new programs are membership based and offering an incredible range of options to keep you healthy, fit and well.

WellFit Studio Classes and WellFit Schedule 2016


A series of classes combining the art and science of the Pilates method with the latest in fitness training techniques and biomechanical precision. These progressively leveled classes will work your whole body with a perfect combination of core conditioning, strength, flexibility, endurance and overall control.

Classes are designed to strengthen the aerobic system using an advanced formula for targeting the aerobic system to progressively build strength in the tissues resulting in a stronger, fitter cardiovascular system. At the same time these classes condition and strengthen the musculoskeletal system, enhance flexibility, and stimulate the inner organs and provide mental focus and clarity.


Specialised classes designed to create wellness, healing, and correction of common injuries and conditions. These classes are based in the latest research and understanding of rehabilitative, health and wellness applications, and have been developed by leading Pilates and rehab specialists. Low to moderate heart rate zones will be targeted for gentle cardiovascular enhancement whilst allowing for focus on corrective results


These classes are designed to specifically address postural correction and strengthening. Developed with modern day postural stresses and dysfunctions as the primary focus, the classes take you through sequences that will address fascial, muscular and structural deviations common to our everyday lives, from top to toe. Not only good for you, these classes are fun as well as giving you movement skills to take with you into your daily life. Low to moderate heart rate zones will be targeted for gentle cardiovascular enhancement whilst allowing for focus on postural balance and function


A series of classes combining ballet technique with the best of pilates and fitness training concepts, to give a flowing movement experience that sculpts defines and refines your body like that of a ballet dancer. The intensity of ballet training will allow for targeting a moderate heart rate zone, providing a cardiovascular component whilst focusing on new muscle patterns and co-ordinated sequences


A series of classes combining acrobatic training techniques with the best of pilates and fitness training concepts, to give an invigorating movement experience that will create greater strength, balance, control, and co-ordination. Developed by a life-long acrobatic performer and cirque du soleil trainer, this program will challenge and inspire you. These classes offer a unique style of training that incorporates sequences, exercises and drills drawn from acrobatics and circus training, to take strength, control and power to a new level. Heart rate increase with intensity is a given and will be individually experienced when applying the challenging and focused work of acro training

These inspiring and effective new classes feature cutting edge formats, great teachers, superb facilities and excellent results.

And in an exciting new concept WellFIT is introducing virtual Pilates!

Leading the way with virtual Pilates classes led by some of the world’s most popular international instructors we introduce you to WellFIT Pilates Anytime, allowing us to offer you more classes, more often, and with the most amazing instructors from all over the world.

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For more information and program descriptions see the WellFit Schedule 2016 here.

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