The first of December is today!!  Wow… that means only three weeks til we close for Christmas.

No doubt at the moment you will be increasing your exercise quotient every day by adding in some fast paced shopping – nice cardio inclusion!

It’s also the time of year that we are mostly in a good routine, been ramping up Pilates workouts over the year and really in the swing of things. Just in time to go on break … hmm….

So how will you go about keeping up your good work over the holiday break?

One thing to beware of is setting unrealistic goals over the holiday season.

Holiday plans and families just don’t like to work around a strict, full training schedule which is the first to go astray when the movies beckon, or kids need a lift, or friends drop over. And it’s so easy to ‘miss’ a planned session, and another one, and … then it’s no schedule at all.

One way to try and beat the downhill slide is to aim to keep it simple and do shorter, convenient bursts of activity that you can fit in every day.

The everyday 5/10/20 minutes gives you consistency and cope-ability (it really is a word I’m sure?!…) for the holiday duration, and you will be ready to pick up at a good level when you get back to the studio in January.

For these small bursts of Pilates activity it’s going to be best to use mostly matwork using your own body weight for load, but you could also add in some theraband or small weights, or magic circles to give you some more resistance options.

Every body is different, so if you have specific needs for your body, ask your Pilates instructor to give you a set of exercises that you can do each day.

Otherwise, try this Healthy Body Holiday Workout Matwork sequence as a way to work all parts of your body – and you can do it anywhere that you have about 10-15 minutes. Or just do 5 minutes if that’s all you have. But do it EVERY DAY.

If you need help with cues on the exercises, ask your instructor to take you through it before heading off on hols. Click on the program below to print.

PilatesInt HealthyHolsWorkout