Our health is the most important possession we have so it’s important that we pay attention to achieving and maintaining the best possible state of health we can. In this day and age it’s not that easy – work, schedules, travel, computers, computers, computers …! There are constant stresses on all of us to fit more than ever into each day and to keep up with busier than ever schedules and ever changing technology.

With all this in mind it’s important to find time efficient ways to exercise, and choose exercise that is going to be the most appropriate for you.

Latest research into the effects of exercise offers us a new understanding of how to maximize results, looking at variables that include:

–       less can be more

–       effective recovery is crucial

–       recovery can be minimized with effective training concepts

–       aerobic function/strength vs aerobic capacity

–       musculoskeletal balance is fundamentally important

–       consistency is everything

Several of these variables are increasingly proving to be key to good health and physical vitality.

Less can be more

This can be applied particularly to the duration of workouts as well as intensity. Recent studies have provided that working at specific intensities for less time can lead to more productive effects from the training session. For instance, 30 minutes of training at an appropriate level of intensity will give more effective tissue strengthening and adaptation internally (aerobic organ tissue) and externally (musculoskeletally), without incurring extra recovery time.

In these scenarios we are looking at target durations and target intensities, and reduced recovery impact. We know now that each of these areas should be foremost in the choice of exercise and how it is conducted.

Aerobic function

We know that aerobic fitness is a major requirement for good health and wellbeing. It’s how we achieve effective aerobic function that is the key here. These days we know more about the positive and negative effects of training – including overtraining. There are energy systems in the body that work at their premium when engaged at the right intensity, and some that kick in at the wrong time when the body overshoots its appropriate training intensity. It can happen very quickly and can have a domino effect of negative outcomes that creep up on you. Fatigue, inefficient recovery, chemical imbalances and sensitivities – you may not attribute them to doing too much too soon, but it can often be the case.

Just like every muscle fibre in the human body, the aerobic muscles need to adapt to increased training intensities over a period of time. Aerobic training should be targeted and include proper warm ups and warm downs around target training zones.

Consistency is everything

Instead of long workouts or maximum intensities, it’s consistency that will bring it all home. We’re talking 4-6 sessions a week to make progress. Really, something every day is a must for good health and wellbeing – but remember it doesn’t have to be a 2-3 hour workout. You can fit in shorter sessions and work on an accumulation of training in some cases too. Do something every day and it will all add up.

WellFit Studio

So, how to be well, fit, and making the most of your life? Pilates International has expanded into a fabulous new ‘WellFit Studio’, with a mission to provide holistic exercise programs that encompass the latest training concepts and understanding.

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The WellFit classes will apply latest research understanding and set training formulas respective to the program aims.

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Make your health, wellness and physical vitality a priority. We do.