It’s cold, it’s dark before the day is done, and everyone you know seems to be away on fabulous holidays.  Tired to your bones, uninspired and sluggish; that winter slump is here.

Life must go on though.  (sigh!)  So just how do you hold your head up high and keep going through the tough winter months?  Read on to see my list of how to find extra levels of energy and meet winter head on.


  1. Move the spine. Yes, yes this is a Pilates enthusiast’s post so what else could be said here?  But short on raving on about it, finding some space and movement through the spine just feels great!  Lots of TV, long sleep-ins and all those indoor activities is the joy of what winter is about.  Counter it with some simple matwork movement like cat stretch and side lying rotation and feel all the better for it.  Mmm, I feel good just thinking about it!  Of the sciencey stuff; the more you move, more oxygen and blood circulates through the muscles, therefore energising the body.

  1. Eat inspiringly. To me in winter it’s all about casseroles and yummy starchy food; but it’s not exactly the healthiest.  Speaking to Kate Bennett, our in-house dietitian guru, she suggests the following:

Have a decent breakfast.

Starting the day with a good pick me up like a nutritious breakfast will boost your energy levels and your productivity for the rest of the day!  Include some low GI carbohydrates and fruit for added vitamins.

Cook nutritious meals in advance.

We can all get a little lazy and not want to cook on a cold night (and with apps like menu log it’s so easy to not leave the couch).  Being prepared with meals ready to go can help you stay organised and healthy.  Cook extra and freeze some so you can be ready to go on the nights you lack motivation.

Don’t forget the veggies!

Vegetables are where we got most of our vitamins and minerals from which are so important for the body to run smoothly.  Without enough it’s no wonder you can feel a little run down.  Less than 8% of Australians actually meet the recommended 5 serves of vegetables every day!  Have a vegetable soup ready to go for lunch and always include them at dinner.  Frozen veg are perfect to keep on hand for the nights you have run out.


  1. Keep drinking water. Kate tells me, “Adequate hydration is important for optimal function of the body and to keep a clear head.  It’s easy to forget to drink, as we tend to not feel as thirsty in the cooler weather.  Being in air condition like most of us are is actually a little dehydrating”.

  1. Get some sun. The life and energy giver itself, go out in search of light and warmth.  The Australian winter sun is nowhere as intense as it’s summer cousin and so getting out there in our beautiful country is an easier affair in winter.  Sun safety is always recommended so slip, slop, slap.


  1. Clean the windows. In no way do I mean to prescribe serious housework. It’s just that I personally found doing this to be very uplifting uplifting. Maximizing the light coming through into your home, plus getting the heart rate up a bit.  What’s what not to like?!


  1. Go for a run. Yeah, well I certainly feel like the pot calling all kettles black with this point. To put it mildly, I am really not a fan of running.  You can often hear me quote all available excuses to get out of it; “my body just isn’t built for running”, etc.  A colleague has ‘encouraged’ me to pick up running (with a plan and all) and assures me that I’ll feel all the better for it.  All I can say to that is, I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Sleep and rest. Listen to that hibernation instinct and go easy on yourself.  Keep the blankets warm, go to bed early and make sure you enjoy your sleep-ins.  Some nurture time in winter should definitely be scheduled in.


  1. Up the vitamins. Keep your defenses high so your body stays strong.  Winter sickness is the worst and ‘aint no body got time for that.  Kate rates the vitamin C while probiotics are my go-to.

  1. Have a night out. Good for the spirit and good for the soul, make sure to keep yourself socially active.  Music, dancing, catching up with friends; see something new and have a laugh.  Fire up your joy de vivre!


  1. Go on a holiday. If you can’t beat them, join them. Take a break and treat yourself.


Written by Moira Mitchell, Pilates enthusiast with help from Kate Bennett, APD, AEP: accredited practicing dietitian and accredited exercise physiologist.