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Pilates International has improved hundreds of people’s lives – not to mention their bodies! Read what some of our happy customers have to say:

“Being the adventurous outdoor blokey kid refusing to be wrapped in cotton wool I often spent time with doctors repairing my broken brittle bones. Now in my mid-thirties, still breaking bones, my normally sore back resembled a bobby pin. The rest of my musculoskeletals had also taken on a Neanderthal shape after the years of rock climbing and other misadventures. After repeated suggestions from doctors and friends I started classes at Pilates International.

The friendly instructors began my transformation. At first I thought it was all pretty easy. “Bring on the heavier springs” I kept saying. Little did I know, but for those first few weeks I was actually unskilled and unaware – I hadn’t yet grasped the subtle principles or technique.

Then, in that moment which all pilates newbies eventually experience, I had the pilates revelation: breathing + precise mental and physical control = chocolate! well kind of, but all of a sudden I tuned into what the expert instructors had been methodically patiently teaching. You’ll know what I mean when you get there. It’s harder, but now the fun with pilates really begins!

For me its like how come I didn’t I know about pilates years ago!? I’ve been with Pilates International for about 3 years, and thanks to all the staff Im now walking upright with a vastly improved posture. I also have a much stronger flexible physique from the regular weekly full body programme. Long gone are the days of sore backs! Well Im still breaking bones through misadventure, but the instructors just carefully modify the exercises to suit.

I’ll default on my mortgage before I’ll miss a pilates class! The investment in the long-term physical wellness is simply too awesome to give up!

P.S. Don’t kid yourself thinking you can pretend switching on specific muscle groups under your clothes when you’re not… the instructors are equipped with x-ray vision!!!”

Matt Nelligan

“Pilates has turned my well-being upside down. I am more stable, more toned, and more aligned. It is the only exercise class I have ever looked forward to and never miss on a regular basis. The team at Pilates International are supportive, encouraging and individualize sessions in a professional manner.”

Amelia S

“At Pilates International the professional instruction from a delightful team of ladies has brought out the ‘new Woman’ in me at 661/2 yrs of age.”

Jenny W

“When I started at Pilates International it took me an hour to make it from the car park and I couldn’t lift a carton of milk (due to 7 years of degenerative back pain and surgery). I now coach my son’s soccer team and just came back from a snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef. I couldn’t live without pilates. Thanks you gave me my life back.”


“I had been a blue water yachtswoman until I went down with chronic fatigue in 2004. The next 21/2 years saw me loose the muscle tone and strength I had from sailing. I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and dealing with that has taken care of the fatigue. I needed something to regain the muscle tone and strength I used to have something that would also strengthen without aggravating a back injury. I was carefully assessed by an instructor at Pilates International and an exercise program has been developed taking into account my health and injuries. It has been an enjoyable experience learning the exercises. The exciting part is I can feel muscle tone and strength returning. My waist and body shape is returning as well! I look forward to my ‘pirates’ class each week and can notice the difference.”


“I used to look like a question mark and feel like I’d been hit by a truck I haven’t had back pain since I started 4 years ago, despite my phone book sized injury list. I’m hooked!”

Louise Bickle

“I have been coming to Pilates International for eight years. In that time I have increased my strength physically and enjoy the warm friendly staff and their positive help.”

 Elizabeth McDermott

“I started at the Pymble studio the second week it opened and I’m still here! My abs are now fab and my core strength still amazes me. The staff are very knowledgeable and infinitely patient and the sessions are always fun!”

Michelle Rosetto

“I came in a mess…………couch potato, scoliosis, post mastectomy and chemo…… and now as we say in the trade ” I’ve been reformed!”

Jil Wood

“Pilates,and in particular the excellent, clever and patient teachers at Pilates International gave me my life back. I was barely walking and had immense difficulty moving from sitting to standing and I couldn’t lie down without pain when I arrived. I was breathless and cranky and miserable to boot and I was facing a second lot of back surgery to fuse my lumbar spine. Pilates was my last chance and became my shining hope. The theory is imminently sensible, the practice is controlled and calculated to create positive change. Even when I didn’t believe it would work, it was working, slowly and inexorably the exercises impacted on my disabilities and gave me back freedom of movement and importantly,a greater understanding of how my dysfunctional body worked. Over time there were lots of wins. One day I could lift my wasting left leg, another I could transition from sitting to standing comfortably, then I could lie on my back and then lie on my front and finally I won the right to be free from the constant pain that had been my companion over the last 10 years. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a quick fix and I will always have a dodgy lumbar but Pilates is my personal miracle.”

Kristin Meagher

“Coming to Pilates International transformed my life – from chronic pain to a positive enjoyment of my body. Plus I have fun”

Susan Tiffin

“Pilates has fixed my lower back after slipping two discs. Annie has been methodical, deliberate and above all caring in her approach to my rehabilitation. Thank-you!”

Paul, 40

“I have been training at Pilates International for more than 4 years and have had two pregnancies and healthy babies through the process. I feel stronger and more confident with my body. I owe that to Sonia and the girls for inspiring me to go a little harder every week. Thanks.”

Alison, 31

An Inside Look at Open Sessions

“It’s about 1pm and I’ve just returned home from the Pymble Studio after my third January Open Session. Open Sessions allow regular Pilates clients who know their programmes to go to the studio for extra Pilates workouts but without instructor supervision. I’m not sure how you find doing Pilates at home but no matter what I do it never seems to work. There always seems to be distractions – the phone rings; there’s a knock at the door; my wife starts up a conversation; the dog wants a game; the cat starts biting my toes ………and so the list goes on!!!!! But Open Sessions overcome all these hassles. So now I’m undertaking one session a week with my instructor and another one or two additional sessions on my own. I get to use the same studio equipment – unlike at home – and all this at a minimal extra cost. However I think the biggest advantage I’ve found so far is that it allows me to concentrate on those aspects that my instructor seems to repeatedly comment on each week – those things such as “breathe deeper”, “lower your ribs”, “lean forward” and the barrage of other variations I seem to get!!!! I lead a busy life and I have to work on my diary to find a suitable time in the middle of the day. However not having a set session time allows me flexibility to answer that phone call, have a discussion with my wife, play with the dog etc etc without worrying about being 10 minutes late!! Now I know you are going to find this difficult to believe, but I find I can concentrate more  in these Open Sessions on the things I should be doing better. In fact I really enjoy the 45 minutes of quiet time alone just concentrating on my Pilates programme. So if these Open Sessions are for you, have a chat to Sharon about the details. However don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying your instructor sessions more!!”

Roger Norman, 27 Jan 2014

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