You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to do classes at Pilates International.


We’re chuffed that so many choose us, but we teach all types of peeps..!

No matter how old, how weak or how bleak you feel, Pilates exercise can do amazingly good things to your body. Pilates exercise is wonderfully adaptive – that’s its beauty. And with our experienced instructors tailoring your routine and adjusting our state-of-the-art equipment to suit your body perfectly, we’ll have a prescriptive work out that’s just right for you.

So, who does classes at Pilates International?

The “Just Plain Unfit”

We get plenty of people coming to us that have never exercised before. So if this is you, there’s no need to feel shy – you’ll be in good company!

For those that have done virtually no exercise classes ever before, the idea of doing a formal class is a totally new concept. Of course, this is absolutely no problem – in fact this way, we don’t have to worry about ironing out any old “bad habits”! We start ‘newbies’ gently and slowly – and before they know it they are up and firing, with a newfound spring in their step that they didn’t believe possible.

Office Workers

Pilates can be a perfect antidote to office work!

Many people who are working 9-to-5 jobs, often office bound, and fitting in only a minimal amount of exercise, choose to do Pilates classes at Pilates International studios. Of course, some office workers are actually quite fit, due to other recreational sports that they may indulge in. Either way, Pilates can help office workers enormously by targeting specific habitual issues such as sitting posture, upper body posture, flexibility and issues that come up from having to be in a stationary position in front of a computer for much of the day. It is essential that office workers maintain their strength in their entire bodies, but in particular, to keep their upper limbs as flexible as possible to ward off problems such as repetitive strain issues and neck problems.

Arthritis Sufferers

As the Pilates method is so wonderfully adaptable, it makes it a perfect option for those suffering with arthritis.

Machines can be adjusted, weights lowered, heights changed, ropes and pulleys moved, so that the arthritis sufferer can totally adapt their exercises to suit their bodies, for good times or in flare – ups, so as to benefit and not harm. Our highly experienced instructors can tailor a program just right for the arthritis sufferer, working gently within safe ranges of movement, which hopefully increase over time. There are many  important issues that need to be addressed when exercising with arthritis, depending on the type (either rheumatoid or osteoarthritis) and it is certainly not a “one size fits all” exercise approach. At Pilates International, you can be assured that our highly qualified staff can take the best of care regarding any arthritic conditions.

Injured Athletes

With Pilates, the athlete can continue to work out, intensively, simply working around the injury, making sure that your body stays fit and strong.More so, Pilates can help heal the injury, by correcting any problems that may have contributed to the injury, such as postural imbalances, muscle tightness/weakness or gait problems.

For athletes, there’s nothing worse than injuring your body in peak season – or frankly at any time, especially when the rest of your body is in great form! Pilates is so successful with athletes, that many claim that when they return to their activity, they are even stronger than before. Consequently, many athletes choose to continue on with Pilates for regular maintenance. It is often said that Pilates gives athletes that extra “edge” over their competitors.

The Elderly

It is vital that everyone keeps exercising, including the elderly – and Pilates is a perfect exercise option for seniors, gently keeping them mobile & strong.

Not only can the exercises be highly adapted to suit weaknesses or limited ranges of movements, but the strength work is vital for preventing further bone loss, correcting postural issues, and adding strength and stamina to all the muscles and joints in the body, giving the elderly person the ability to live life to the full, with greater confidence and joy.

Pre/Post Natal Women

The Pilates method is one of the most effective and safe exercise programs to do during pregnancy, keeping you in-shape and conditioning & protecting your body as it goes through many hormonal changes.

pregnancy-03Many changes occur for women during this time including hormonal changes, weight increase and distribution, balance, posture and ligamentous changes. Pilates exercise can help women cope with these changes, possibly avoid problems both during and post-natally, and assist with the actual birth. Pilates is very popular not just with pregnancy, but for all the issues that lie on each side of the birth! For women that are ‘pre-baby’, there are several issues that need to be addressed in every trimester. Our fully trained staff are acutely aware of these issues and will work with the pregnant woman safely throughout this special time. ‘Post-baby’, once the new mother is ready to start exercising again, we can safely ease her back into exercise, again with certain protocols always in mind.

Weekend Warriors

Some people simply like to work hard and play hard!  If this is you, Pilates can help condition your body to help accommodate your extreme lifestyle …

If you’re one of those people that do very little physical activity all week, then ‘blast’ your body solidly over the weekend, it may be that an activity such as Pilates may be a perfect conditioning activity for you to prepare you for ‘weekend warrior’ mode. Perhaps you indulge in hours of rockclimbing, cycling, competitive games or even triathlete training? Whatever the intense activity is, the imbalance in going from sedentary office worker to extreme sports person can take its toll on your body! By breaking up this imbalance and fitting in a session or two of Pilates during the week, many “weekend warriors” find they have greater strength, less injuries and better all-round fitness by adding a touch of Pilates to their exercise routine.


We’d love to tell you the names of some of showbiz’s most popular celebs that we regularly train, but hey, that would not be cool…

We love to help our Aussie celebrities and VIPs stay in great shape. We are very mindful about not publicising our celebrity visitors without their express permission. It is important to us that everyone is given the space and scope to undertake Pilates in a safe, private and stress free environment. Some of our celebs are happy to let the world know how much Pilates helps them and keep them in tiptop shape, and we’re happy to spread the word too. Our founder Sally Anderson has taught many amazing celebs, including singer/guitarist and rock legend Ian Moss, (for over 20 years – no wonder he’s still looking good and sounding so great, eh!) Bon Jovi keyboardist, singer and writer Dave Bryan, (when he’s in Sydney) leggy musical superstar Rhonda Burchmore, and the Cirque du Soleil  ‘Saltimbanco’ touring company. We have also had the pleasure over the years of training Wendy Harmer during her time on morning radio and Carrie-Anne Moss during The Matrix movies shoots.

And of Course, Olympic Superstars…

Libby Trickett Andrew Abood, Matt Abood and Andrew Lauterstein

From Libby Trickett, Eamon Sullivan, Geoff Huegill, Matt Abood and many others, scores of Olympic athletes choose to train at Pilates International as they know that their time spent here is invaluable to them.

Our Aussie Olympians know that when they come to Pilates International, they’ll receive the most advanced, sophisticated Pilates tuition available, taught by industry leaders with the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of athletic needs.

Top Left: Libby Trickett

Left: Andrew Abood, Matt Abood and Andrew Lauterstein

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